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“Home Sweet Home”

What is a home to you? 

I think home is where you are surrounded by love, safely sheltered and feeling comfortable.

People want their pets to live cage free. Ironically, many in the so-called wealthy cosmopolitan city Hong Kong are living in a "Cage Home" with approximately 6ft by 2.5ft limited bed space.

In my jewellery work, I used Hong Kong to demonstrate the social problems of lower class struggles with small living spaces and poor living conditions due to poverty. The overflowing population and high density ratio have created many housing issues, like living in cage homes, cubicles, subdivided flats or rooftop huts. As we are privileged citizens living in a low population density country, we are unaware of these poor living conditions in Hong Kong. The burden of increased population in a developed city raised the rental and housing prices and widen the economics disparity. It leaves the socially vulnerable groups no choice, but to live in a dehumanized environments without a window or even fresh air to breath. No matter how hard one works to change for a better residential condition, the effort does not pay off. Have we forgotten about these social issues as we are blinded by living in a comfortable and spacious environment?

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